File photo: African News Agency/ANA
Cape Town - A pedestrian was struck by a train between Southfield – Heathfield on Wednesday morning, Metrorail confirmed.

Metrorail spokesperson Riana Scott said that emergency services and SAPS attended to the injured pedestrian.

"Train traffic was temporarily suspended to allow ambulance access. After the person was transported for treatment, the line was re-opened to traffic at 07:09.  Residual delays of up to 60+mins were experienced.

"With every tragic incident of this nature, we remind the public that the rail service is governed by the Legal Succession Act which prohibits the illegal crossing of railway lines. People who do so expose themselves willingly to unnecessary danger," Scott said.

"Metrorail strongly recommends individuals to desist from endangering their lives by crossing the tracks."

Scott added that crossing railway lines by any other means other than an authorised crossing such as a subway/bridge/level crossing is illegal in terms of the Legal Succession Act.

"Train operating rules determine that trains travel with their head lights on bright and drivers sound their sirens upon spotting any person/animal near the tracks. In the operational tunnel trains have right of way, cannot take evasive action or swerve and take up to 500 meters (the length of 5 rugby fields) to stop."


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