Picture: Leon Knipe

Cape Town - A shootout erupted between police and gangsters in an area commonly known as Kriefgat, near Bishop Lavis, as ongoing violence grips the area.

Tyres and vehicles were set alight after resident say a man close to the alleged leader of the Josters gang was gunned down in the area. 

Roads leading into the area were blocked by burning cars.

The Bishop Lavis Day Hospital had to be closed for a few hours following the shootings. 

Communications for the Western Cape Government Health Department, Zolani Zenzile confirmed the day hospital was closed due to the ongoing gang violence. 

"Due to a gang-related incident in the vicinity of the facility and to ensure the safety of both staff and patients, the facility (Bishop Lavis Community Day Centre) was temporarily closed this morning. However, we are now open and services back to normal," Zenzile said. 

Rival gangs from Kriefgat and Valhalla Park have been at war for over two weeks with shootings taking place on a daily basis. 

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