Those who wed must live as husband and wife for five weeks before choosing to stay together or divorce.

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The SA Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) has stalled its probe into a farm wedding venue where a gay couple were declined permission to host their wedding.

Spokesman Isaac Mangena said on Tuesday the investigation had been put on hold because the couple refused to co-operate.

The commission initiated investigations after the owners of Kilcairn farm near Wellington withdrew permission for Leanne Brown-Waterson and her partner Christelle to marry at the venue.

The wedding date had been confirmed, but later farm manager Cara King told them the farm owners were unwilling to host a same-sex marriage.

“The commission launched an own-initiative investigation after becoming aware of the incident on social media. But the victims refused to co-operate with the probe. In the absence of witnesses who were party to the alleged incident, the SAHRC is unable to proceed,” Mangena said. Anyone with information about the incident should assist the SAHRC, Mangena added.

“The SAHRC is hoping to deal with this kind of discrimination in similar matters on its books. It is dealing with issues of alleged discrimination… in a number of complaints, and is involved in Equality Court litigation relating to incidents of denial of services… on the basis of sexual orientation.”

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