Cape Town - 130415 - Judith Oakley-Webb, of Human Wildlife Solutions, shows a stick about 3.5m long with a nail sticking out on each end that was allegedly used to hit a baboon that was being attacked by two dogs. PICTURE: DAVID RITCHIE

Cape Town - The SPCA is investigating a case of cruelty after a resident of the Castle Rock area in the south peninsula allegedly used a nail-studded stick to beat a baboon while the animal was stretched between two dogs.

The dogs eventually released the baboon which fled into a thicket of invasive alien vegetation and could not be caught for examination.

This is one of two incidents being investigated by the SPCA.

The other involved a pit bull dog attack on the old male baboon known as Quizzy in Ocean View. Quizzy was severely injured and later put down.

“I am currently investigating both cases with a view to laying charges in terms of the Animals Protection Act,” said Cape of Good Hope SPCA wildlife unit manager Brett Glasby.

“I should have all the affidavits for the Castle Rock case from the witnesses by the end of the week. For the Ocean View case I am still attempting to find a witness who is willing to supply an affidavit. Unfortunately in that case the witnesses I have spoken to are too scared to write affidavits.”

The incidents are recorded in a report by baboon management service provider Human Wildlife Solutions.

According to the report, the baboon from the Smitswinkel Bay troop, formally known as SWB1, became involved in an altercation with a pit bull at a house after dog food had “unfortunately” been left outside.

“As the baboons had been in the area all morning, the Human Wildlife Solutions supervisor had earlier advised the owners of the house accordingly, requesting that all doors and windows be closed and the dog food be taken inside, but unfortunately the request was unheeded. Dog food is usually kept outside in the garden at this house and is a constant cause of conflict when baboons enter the garden to eat the food.”

The report noted that the pit bull had attacked the baboon and that both fell down a steep embankment, “where a second dog attacked SWB1 from the rear with the pit bull at its head. At this point the dog owner arrived and proceeded to beat the baboon with a long stick that had nails on either end”.

The dogs had finally released the baboon which fled into the thickets.

Wildlife veterinarian Hamish Currie and Human Wildlife Solutions area manager Ziggy Rode arrived to search for SWB1, but it was already very high up on the mountain when spotted and was only seen again a few days later. This incident had been reported to both the SPCA and CapeNature.

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