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Cape Town - A pupil who used swear words in his exam script is among eight Western Cape matric candidates whose results have been declared null and void.

The pupil had used “inappropriate language” by “referring to the marker using swear words”, said Bronagh Casey, spokeswoman for Education MEC Donald Grant.

Despite cellphones not being allowed in exam halls, one candidate was caught using a cellphone and another was found with crib notes. They have been barred from writing the National Senior Certificate exams for two years.

Five of the candidates were found with a cellphone. They will be allowed to write the exams in October/November.

The candidate who used foul language will be allowed to write the supplementary exams later this month.

Casey said these candidates did not receive a result for the subject they were writing when caught, but their results for other subjects were made available.

All eight candidates were informed of the sanction by letter.

“The candidate will not receive a National Senior Certificate until she/he rewrites the subject and applies for a combination of results.”


Casey said the matric exam rules and regulations were given to all candidates in advance, and they were also asked to sign a pledge, which included a section on complying with these rules.

In 2012, the results of 17 candidates were declared null and void.

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