Cape Town - 130205 - Alen Abrahams, a Cape Town car guard, is now a local internet sensation after music videos he uploaded to YouTube registered over 15 000 views. Reporter: Nontando Mposo PICTURE: DAVID RITCHIE

Cape Town - Cape Town’s overnight singing sensation car guard, Alen Abrahams, has landed in hot water with EMI Records for copyright infringement.

His popular YouTube video of Meisie, a rendition of Justin Bieber’s hit song Baby, has been pulled off the website by the global record label.

On Thursday morning, Aden Thomas of Heart FM tweeted: “So EMI records shut down our YouTube video of Alen the Car Guard. We’ve been outmuscled by the heavyweights.”

The YouTube video, which received more than 15 000 hits, was pulled off this week, according to Abrahams’s manager, Marlon Kruger.


“We loaded the Meisie video a week ago on Friday, and on Monday we received a flag from YouTube saying the song could be an infringement of copyright laws,” said Kruger.

Abrahams’s entire YouTube channel had been shut down by Wednesday evening.

“We panicked and made contact with YouTube, and managed to get the channel reloaded, but the Meisie video was no longer there.

According to Kruger, EMI artist Ludacris is featured on the original version of Baby and permission had to be obtained from the artist’s record label before the video could be uploaded again.

“We have applied for permission from EMI via YouTube. So we are now just waiting for a response.”


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