RESIGNED: Suzette Little.
Cape Town - The DA’s city council caucus chairperson, Suzette Little, has resigned with immediate effect amid victimisation claims of DA councillors who voted against a no-confidence motion in mayor Patricia de Lille and renewed simmering divisions in the party.

Little, a mayoral committee member, said in her resignation letter her decision was not taken lightly. 

“It has become clear that the caucus is deeply divided and the events of the last few months also indicate that any form of unity is impossible and the divide is irreparable,” she said.

Little said at a caucus meeting on Monday that deputy caucus leader JP Smith announced that the federal executive had agreed to the implementation of the John Steenhuisen Commission recommendations regarding the re-election of the caucus leadership.

“Having read the report, no such recommendation can be found,” she said.

“Caucus was also advised that the deputy leader would be able to push this through the federal executive and have a quick response by Monday so that this election can take place. Again, I must point out the process is flawed and undermines not only the caucus rules but the federal constitution.This is yet another form of victimisation against those who voted against the motion of no-confidence,” she said.

Little said she believed in the principles and values of the DA and that the caucus should be a united front. 

“In light of the continuous motions, bickering and division within our caucus I hope that my resignation will start a healing process,” she said.

JP Smith, mayoral committee member for safety, security and social services, said Little misquoted him. “The party’s federal executive has recommended that the current caucus should be re-elected,” he said.

Asked about the divisions, Smith said: “We had a divisive issue on the Patricia de Lille matter. But the mayor will be handled by the party’s processes."

Cape Argus