Maties student Robyn Pearce was killed in her mother's Sea Point apartment. Picture: Supplied

Cape Town - The family of murdered Maties student Robyn Pearce, 20, finally knows what happened to her.

Wasief Buxbey, who admitted to killing the young woman in her mother’s Sea Point apartment in 2016, on Thursday handed the Western Cape High Court his plea explanation.

Buxbey, 29, pleaded guilty to murder and robbery with aggravating circumstances.

He was to be sentenced last month, but the presiding judge was not happy and said the sentence was “unjust”.

Buxbey is a general worker and was working at the apartment complex at the time.

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‘I killed Maties student’

In his plea he states: “At the age of 17 years old I became addicted to tik. On 1 December prior to leaving for work I smoked tik, during my lunch I accessed the fourth floor by using the keys to the security gate given to us for maintenance work.”

He wanted to rob the apartment to buy more tik and saw his chance when he spotted an open window, gaining entry to the toilet.

“I was at that stage not aware [of] the deceased being present. On the table in the dining room I noticed a laptop bag and earphones, which I took.

“On my way back to the toilet I opened the door to the left of the kitchen and to my surprise found the deceased in the bedroom,” he explains.

Wasief Buxbey Picture: Brendan Magaar

Buxbey says Robyn started to scream.

“I put the items down in the kitchen and took a knife. I instructed her to calm down. I tried to make sense of the situation. She told me I can have anything and gave me a R100 from her wallet, which I took.

“I told her to go into the walk-in closet. She started screaming and I stabbed her several times. I did not take the laptop bag or earphones,” Buxbey added.

He says he could not live with his conscience and, with the help of family, handed himself in.

The matter has been postponed until March 29 for pre-sentencing.