Workers fit a solar panel in De Aar, Northern Cape. Picture: Nicholas Rama

Cape Town - South Africa is the world's eighth-worst polluter, using minimal green and sustainable energy, according to research from price comparison site, MoneySuperMarket. 

The findings, which were released to coincide with World Environmental Health Day on September 26, have also revealed that the country uses over 750% more energy than Zimbabwe.

Trinidad and Tobago uses more energy per person than anywhere else and only 0.23 per cent of which is green.

The research shows Britain has a greener population than France, Germany and the United States, but only ranks 53rd on the list. 

Countries such as Mozambique, Ethiopia and Zambia use almost 100 per cent green energy from local hydropower.

MoneySuperMarket's list of the 30 worst offending polluters globally.

Mozambique is the 'greenest country', with residents causing the least impact on the world’s climate. They use almost 100 per cent green and sustainable energy.

Top 'green' countries include Ethiopia, Zambia, Latvia and Kenya.

"Adopting green energy on an individual level can be difficult or expensive. But a more practical approach for someone looking to reduce their effects on the climate can turn their attention instead to their waste production, and what they do with that waste," said Kaizen Search Marketing.