Shoprite Liquor store in Atlantis. Photo: Supplied.
Cape Town - A burglar, who tried to rob a liquor store in Atlantis, saw his buttocks after he got smoked out while trying to deflect attention away from himself. 

On Monday morning, the Shoprite Liquor store at the Atlantis Centre was burgled for a second time in two days.

Alert security guards called the police and one of the suspects locked himself in the toilet where he started a fire thinking he could divert their attention.

A witness at the scene said it was like a scene from a low-budget movie.

“Police were all over with their sirens and lights, and they even had dogs trying to get this dom [stupid] guy out,” the witness says.

“The fire brigade came and there was so much white foam as they put out the fire.

“The guy came out, wit innie gesig [white in the face], and was arrested.”

Police spokesperson, Captain FC van Wyk, says the liquor store was burgled over the weekend, but no arrests were made.

“Then on Monday, about 4.30am, security alerted the SAPS when they found intruders on their cameras,” Van Wyk says.

“The suspect started a fire by lighting toilet paper to try and deter authorities not to arrest him.”

The 37-year-old suspect was arrested and charged with business burglary.

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