The upset mother is consoled by a police officer. Picture: Monique Duval

Cape Town - A Manenberg mom has raised the alarm on a shocking new game called treintjie (train), where little boys are allegedly made to watch porn before they are raped by older boys.

The 32-year-old woman says she uncovered the truth behind the game after her seven-year-old son told her he had been molested allegedly by teens in their street several months ago.

She says on October 4, her son and his friends were playing at her home when they spilled the beans.

“My son told me that three boys in the road took him to the house of the main boy where they put him on a bed and showed him ‘ougat stuff’ (pornography) on a tablet,” the mom says.

“He put lipstick on himself and gave my son biscuits and tea and then along with two others, they sodomised my child while a fourth boy just watched.

“He cried and told me it was sore, but he was scared because they threatened him with a knife if he told anyone.

“Then there was a second incident where the main boy raped my son on his own.”

The mother says she immediately took her son to Manenberg Police Station where she opened a case and her son received counselling.

A medical examination confirmed the boy had been sodomised and he identified the alleged perpetrators to his mother.

“More boys have now come out to say that they were also raped and apparently the game was shown to them by this 15-year-old.

“One of the boys who raped my son the first time was also raped by this 15-year-old and the victim then became a perpetrator.

“As more children came out, we learnt about this game called treintjie where the boys sodomise each other.

“They told us that at first it was only the teenage boys and then they started to do it to the smaller boys like my son.

“They also told us that the smaller boys would not sodomise anyone because their penises were too small.”

Police spokesperson, Sergeant Noloyiso Rwexana, says police are investigating the rapes.

“This office can confirm the incidents took place over a period of time between several boys, the youngest being six years old.

“A 15-year-old boy has been brought in for questioning about these incidents and has gone for an assessment.

“The detectives are following up on outstanding victims who have not reported the incidents.”

The mother says more parents in the road took their sons for medical exams, and doctors have confirmed that three other boys were sodomised.

“They confirmed three so far but we know of about eight boys who were also raped and their parents are busy with their cases,” she says.

“My son has become so aggressive and I just want other parents to be aware of what is happening because the children say it was all started by the 15-year-old.”

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