Ismah Hill, 19, was shot dead. Picture: Jack Lestrade/ANA
Cape Town - A 19-year-old girl who was enjoying Christmas with friends was dragged out of a house, a plastic bag placed over her head and then shot dead.

The body of Ismah Hill was found dumped in a backyard in Kalksteenfontein.

The family believes her ex-boyfriend, an alleged member of the Americans gang who previously threatened to kill her, is behind the murder.

Ismah’s mother, Kariema Hill, 43 and sister, Toufeeqah Hill, 21, were inside their home in Kalksteenfontein when they heard a gunshot going off just after 1am on Tuesday, 26 December.

Little did they know it was Ismah who had been shot and killed.

Hours later, the family was called to a backyard in Hydrangea Street, where her body was found by a resident who had “relieved” himself.

Kariema says Ismah had passed matric this year after being a student at Bishop Lavis School of Skills, and had wanted to become a fashion designer.

Kariema made sure her daughter ended an abusive relationship a year ago.

“We are Muslim, but we were all together as family on Christmas Day, listening to music,” she says.

“That evening after 9pm, I told Ismah I am going to sleep.

“She walked over to her ex-boyfriend’s mother’s home where they were celebrating the day.

“Around 1am, we all heard a gunshot going off and we didn’t even know it was Ismah who was shot.”

Toufeeqah Hill at the spot where her sister's body was found. Picture: Jack Lestrade/ANA

Kariema says they were informed that the body of one of her children was lying in someone’s backyard.

“They said dit is een van my dogters, I have five daughters and one son (They said it was one of my daughters, I have five daughters and one son.),” she says.

Toufeeqah explains the horror of finding her sister, whom she suspects had been raped.

They’d been told she was “dragged from the house where she was at to a yard. He placed a plastic bag over her head and it looked like her one leg was broken and that she was sexually assaulted”.

She says the ex-boyfriend previously said if “he can’t have her, he will make sure someone is shot”.

Kariema claims her daughter ended her relationship with her estranged boyfriend a year ago: “I would not allow one of my children to be involved with a gangster.”

Police spokesman Captain FC van Wyk told the Daily Voice they were investigating “all possibilities” when asked if a suspect was being sought.

“Circumstances surrounding the body of an 19-year-old woman was found on December 26 at 3.30am at Hydrangea Street, Kalksteenfontein are under investigation.”

A murder case was opened.