Lorretta Rubain’s body is removed by EMS staff

Cape Town - Elsies River residents are in shock after a woman who recently became a millionaire was gunned down in front of her young children by gangsters who tried to extort money from her.

Residents living in Springbok Place flats say mom of four, Lorretta Rubain, 42, stood no chance against the two gunmen who stormed her council flat, demanded money from her and then shot her in the chest.

According to a police source, the incident happened shortly after 5pm on Wednesday.


“She was in the flat with her seven-year-old son and 12-year-old daughter.

“They came into her house and asked her for money and when she did not give it, they shot her and she died on the scene,” says the source.

Police spokesperson Siyabulela Malo confirms the case and says: “Police members attached to Elsies River attended to the scene and on their arrival they found the victim with a gunshot wound to her chest.

“She died on the scene due to her injuries.

Mom of four, Lorretta Rubain, 42, was shot dead by thugs who tried to extort money from her.

“Circumstances surrounding this incident are under investigation with no arrests made so far.

“Our detectives are following up on all possible leads to bring the perpetrators to book”.

A close friend, who asked not to be identified, says two weeks ago gunmen opened fire on Lorretta’s flat but luckily she and her children were unharmed.

“Lorretta has lived here for a long time now,” says the friend.

“She has four children and her son, 26, was recently released from prison.

“When her daughter was four years old, the child was in an accident where two cars drove over her and she became disabled.

Lorretta Rubain lived in Springbok Place, Elsies River.


“She made a third party claim and she recently got R2.6 million, and so the gangsters came here for money and they threatened her son.”

Residents says thugs demanded that Loretta pay them R10 000 so her son could “kap safe” (remain safe) in the area.

The friend says shortly after the murder, the family were moved for their own safety.

A neighbour says they will always remember Lorretta: “She was unemployed. She was a very nice woman and always friendly. We are still in shock after seeing her die like that.”

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