Suspects pelted the bus with bricks. Picture: ANA Pictures
Cape Town - Commuters travelling on Old Strandfontein Road were left in shock after suspects started stoning the bus and then got on board to rob them.

The bus, heading for Strandfontein and San Remo, was standing in traffic opposite the new housing development in Pelican Park close to the KFC when the suspects attacked.

The incident happened on Tuesday at about 6:30pm and no-one was injured.

Commuters were horrified as windows were smashed by a group of men who had realised the driver could not move the bus.

Traffic on the road has become a nightmare due to road works.

A Strandfontein driver says it takes him an hour to get home from Fifth Avenue in Grassy Park.

A female passengers says the suspects stoned the right-hand side of the bus.

Commuters on a Golden Arrow bus en route to Strandfontein were attacked by suspects while stuck in the traffic. Picture: ANA Pictures

“Everyone on the right side of the bus got up and moved into the aisle. We were all in shock and screaming for the driver to get us out of there, but there was nowhere to go,” says Samantha Carelse, 40.

“He was stuck and unable to do anything but wait."

“They threw out three windows and robbed people in the front of the bus. Three guys hopped in through the window and just took what they wanted."

“The others continued to throw bricks at the bus and it was the longest two-minute pause in traffic I have ever had."

“I thought we were going to die.”

As soon as the traffic started moving, the driver sped off and the robbers jumped off.

“It was the scariest thing I have ever been through. I am never taking the bus again,” adds Samantha.

Public relations manager for Golden Arrow Bus Services Bronwen Dyke-Beyer says they are aware of the matter and are investigating.

“We can confirm the stoning of the bus and we are investigating the matter. Anyone with information about the incident must contact our office,” she said.