UCT Bremner building protest continues

Published Apr 10, 2015


Cape Town - Student protesters on Friday defied the University of Cape Town’s notice to end their occupation of the administration building.

“We are still here. We will speak in an hour,” said Chumani Maxwele, the protester who allegedly threw human excrement at the statue of Cecil John Rhodes.

The protesters and the Student Representative Council had agreed with the University that they would end their occupation, which began March 20, as soon as the statue was removed. The statue was removed on Thursday evening. The SRC had honoured the agreement but the movement, which Vice-Chancellor Dr Max Price said had since splintered - remained behind, occupying the building.

Price earlier on Friday issued a warning to the remaining protesters that they needed to vacate at 2pm. Almost an hour later, the protesters had not left and the University was in closed discussions with the protesters.


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