Unemployed Pamela needs help.

Cape Town - This woman is known as the Mother Teresa of Mitchells Plain and with good reason. The Good Samaritan has opened her home and cupboards to her entire community, despite being unemployed.

Reverend Pamela Stander, 67, from Eastridge, is a former prison missionary who gave up her job at Pollsmoor in 2013 to serve her community full-time.

“I used to do the prison ministry and feeding scheme at the same time, but then my husband got ill and I couldn’t leave him alone, so I decided to stay home full-time to care for him, but that was OK because then I could focus more on my community,” she says.

The mom of six says she wants to extend a helping hand to women and children by building a “safe house” in her yard, but funds are tight.

“I don’t have a job, but my friends and family help me to provide for nearly 300 kids per month,” she says.

She has also opened a church in her neighbour’s garage to help the neighbourhood: “I opened the Good News Community Church because I see the need in my community.”

The rental for the garage is R600 per month, for four services.

“I also have Sunday school, but that’s held at my house,” she adds.

Pamela cooks pots of food to feed children in her community, and recently included their feeding their parents.

“It’s sad to see the conditions the kids live in and now their parents are also joining them to get food by me,” she says.

The walls of her three-bedroom home are covered in pictures of her community.

Nearly 300 kids are fed a month.

Upon arrival, the Daily Voice team is offered home-made biscuits and peach-flavoured Fusion juice, served on a pierinkie like old times.

“My home is open to everyone and anyone. I may not be rich, but I have plenty to give to those who don’t have,” says Pamela.

Mom of three Irene Abels, 32, says Aunty Pam is a blessing to them.

“Whenever she comes in contact with people, she has this light that shines in our darkest hour. We can always go to Aunty Pam when there is no food in our home,” Irene says.

Relative Joy Titus says her aunt is a saint.

“I see her giving her best to serve her community and therefore she must be honoured for her passion for people. It’s sad seeing the amount of mouths she needs to feed but it’s a blessing knowing she always manages to survive,” she says.

If you would like to assist Pamela in cash or kind, or donate a Wendy house for the “safe house”, call her on 065 833 8065.