Maya Sawicka defended her two friends who have been charged with attempted murder, attempted rape and robbery. 
Picture: Manqoba Ngidi

Cape Town - Friends of the Brooklyn “vampires” have accused their alleged victim of being a “drunk, lying fraud”.

And they say there is no way their buddies could have attacked Theresa Simons, 53, because “they are good people”.

Four weeks ago, Theresa accused Vincent Bobby Walters, 49, and girlfriend Nolene de Grame, 50, of drugging, assaulting and trying to rape her.

The mother of four claims that they tried to drink her blood in a “demonic” attack, leaving “tooth marks” on her body, and only prayer saved her.

Before that, the suspects, Theresa and her husband Andor had finished four boxes of wine.

Theresa claimed Andor was sleep in a nearby park during the attack.

Theresa Simons claimed that a couple tried to drink her blood in a "demonic attack". Picture: Manqoba Ngidi

Walters and De Grame have been charged with attempted murder, attempted rape and robbery after allegedly taking her cellphone.

But Rehanah Toefy said Walters is a hard-working family man who has “lost his job” because of the allegations.

She couldn’t say what kind of work her friend does.

And she claimed that De Grame, who’s been her char for years, was too ill to drink heavily or harm anyone physically.

“These allegations and charges against this sweet lady are false,” said Rehanah.

“She has asthma, is diabetic and suffers from extreme high blood pressure. She moves slowly because of this.

“Physically she is unable to attack anyone, she takes forever to complete the chores she does here around the house.

“She is a sweet soul. And she drinks beer, not boxes of wine.”

Another friend, Maya Sawicka, 45, claimed she previously boarded with Simons for three years.

“She is a drunk liar who uses people,” claimed Sawicka.

On Sunday, a heartbroken Simons said she can’t believe Swaicka and Toefy would “stab her in the back” like this.

“I asked Maya to move out because she and her son were causing too much trouble,” said the community worker.

“I stand by what I told police.”

Sawicka and Toefy are now drawing up a petition calling on the Cape Town Magistrate’s Court to have their friends released on bail when they appear again on December 29.

“I want to show what kind of ‘victim’ Theresa is. I hope Nolene and Bobby sue her. They do not deserve this,” said Toefy.

The two suspects are still in custody.