Major-General Jeremy Vearey File picture: Noor Slamdien/ANA
Cape Town - Major-General Jeremy Vearey has laughed off allegations heard in court this week that he is working for the notorious 26s, 27s and 28s gangs.

Responding to a Facebook post about the court case, the head of the Cape Town cluster of police wrote: “Let me get this straight. The 26s gang say I work for the 28s and the 28s gang claim I work for the 26s.

“Now a Frans [person not affiliated with gangs - referring to Nafiz Modack] says I work for the 27s gang and assassinated [lawyer Noorudien] Hassen?

“What next? At this rate I probably killed [US president John F] Kennedy too and organised the drought in the province.”

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In the Cape Town Magistrates’ Court this week, investigating officer Charl Kinnear had been testifying in the extortion and intimidation case against Modack, Colin Booysen, Jacques Cronjé, Ashley Fields and Carl Lakay.

The five are alleged to have been involved in a violent takeover of the Cape Town nightclub security scene.

During testimony, Kinnear quoted recorded conversations made by controversial businessman Modack.

He told the court: “Modack said Vearey was working for the 26s gang under Jerome Booysen, for the 27s gang under the leader known only as ‘Red’, and for the 28s gang under Ralph Stanfield. He also claims Vearey arranged the hit on lawyer Noorudien Hassen with Jerome Booysen and Mark Lifman.”

Nafiz Modack File picture: Supplied

Hassen was gunned down outside his Crawford home in November 2016.

Vearey, whose Operation Combat team was responsible for the arrests of the five on December 15, declined to comment on the allegations to the Daily Voice.

It is not the first time the former uMkonto we Sizwe agent and ANC intelligence operative has been accused of being in cahoots with gang bosses.

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In April last year, Vearey accused MEC for Safety and Security, Dan Plato, of leading a propaganda campaign against him which placed his life at risk.

This after an affidavit was leaked to the media claiming Vearey was accepting money and taking orders from high-profile gangsters.

At the time, Vearey told the Daily Voice: “This is a personalised attack against me tied to my political history.

“It’s like they are saying people with my history cannot make successful arrests like that in Worcester with the Fancy boys and Rashied Staggie. And for taking down a person like [alleged 28s leader] Ralph Stanfield.

“They’ve even had the narrative that I worked with Ralph; it is nonsense.

“This is normal for them [DA] to leak rumours.”