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Cape Town - A woman gave birth to a healthy baby girl at a MyCiTi station, the City of Cape Town said on Friday.

A 33-year-old woman got on a bus on her way to Somerset Hospital on Thursday evening as she was starting to have contractions and was met by a professional nurse who was on her way from a job interview.

The nurse, Irene Kabongo said: "I sat down next to a pregnant woman who told me she was not feeling well at all. She was on her way to Somerset Hospital as she was having contractions. I asked her about the sequence of the contractions and realised that she was going to give birth very soon. So I phoned the emergency number in the bus and then we got off at Milnerton station."

Upon arriving at the station, Kabongo, assisted by Anele Damgazele a security guard on duty at the station, made Unathi Nzintha comfortable by laying her on a blanket.

"The baby wanted to come, I could see the head and told the guard to go fetch the emergency kit quick for scissors and bandages. I always walk with my gloves, so I put them on. Then she pushed and the baby was out and I cut the umbilical cord. I’m proud and happy that the knowledge I have saved a life," said Kabongo.

The newborn and her mother were ready to be transported to Somerset Hospital by the time the ambulance arrived.

Nzintha told the City that she is naming her baby 'Blessing'.

"It was a blessing that the nurse was there next to me when I needed her. She did a great job, she did everything perfect. Blessing weighs 2,4 kg and is as healthy as any other newborn baby," Nzintha said.

The City's Mayoral Mayoral Committee Member for Transport, Alderman Felicity Purchase, said: "This is a wonderful, joyous anecdote. I’m very proud of Nurse Irene and Unathi for delivering this new life in difficult circumstances. All of us, from the City to the contractors who provide and operate the MyCiTi service, celebrated this good news after we’d been told what happened. 

"I wish Unathi and Blessing a blessed new year. I also hope that Nurse Irene is successful with her job application. The skills and calmness she displayed during this emergency are testimony of her character and skills."

African News Agency/ANA