Rats as big as 30cm took over Chantal Underwood's Diep River apartment. Picture: Daily Voice
Cape Town – A woman who fled her flat after it was infested by giant rats says she has been threatened with an eviction notice if she doesn’t move back in.

Chantal Underwood, 59, of Diep River was supposed to move back into her home at Musgrave Communicare complex on Wednesday.

A letter from the company’s lawyer on Monday reads: “You are to take occupation of the unit by no later than Wednesday 17 May 2017, failing which our client will have no alternative but to furnish you with notice to vacate their premises.”

In April, Chantal told the Daily Voice how she fled after 30cm long rats had taken over her home, in which she had lived for six years.

Refusing to move back in until the rodents had been exterminated, Chantal had been living in her car and sleeping at friends’ homes for the past two months.

A new gate and new kitchen cupboards have been installed to replace the old ones where the rats have made nests, but Chantal has refused to move back because she is not happy with the workmanship.

Meanwhile, Chantal claims Communicare owes her R7 069 in rent as she had not used the flat.

“I want to know why they want to evict me,”’ she said on Wednesday.

“I have written them a letter accepting the kitchen cupboards, though it is shoddy workmanship and I have raised issues about the gate which is a safety hazard.

“The monies are debited from my bank account and I have not been refunded.”

But Michellé Matthee of Communicare says they have not charged Chantal rent for two months, and that they have accommodated all her needs thus far.

Daily Voice