A Heideveld mom said that two women tried to kidnap her two-year-old daughter. Picture: Pexels

Cape Town - Two Muslim women accused of wanting to snatch a child under the guise of selling cupcakes say they are innocent and even went to police themselves to prove it.

Hours after a Heideveld mother went onto social media on Monday to warn people of the “kidnappers”, the two women arrived at the Manenberg Police Station to plead their innocence.

Mom Chantel Claasens, 32, told the Daily Voice two women in hijab pulled up at her house on Sunday and the younger one came to the door, selling cupcakes for R5.

She said they decided to buy as they like to support local businesses.

She then got a fright when her nine-year-old daughter told her she was trying to take her two-year-old sister out of the women’s white BMW.

The mom said she went to fetch her little girl herself and the women “sped off”.

A video Chantel Isaacs made on social media to warn people of the “kidnappers” went viral. Picture: Supplied

But the women say they went to Manenberg police station after seeing a video Chantel had posted online, in which she accuses them of trying to abduct her child.

The older woman, who asked not to be identified, denies the allegation, and said she and her daughter have been selling koekies for years to earn an income.

The woman said they are from Belgravia and were shocked when they saw the video.

“I have been selling cakes for a long time and I have nine children of my own. I would never hurt a child,” she said.

“I spoke to the child when she was close to the car, the back door was open as my daughter got the cupcakes off the backseat and did not close the door. The child got in and I started talking to her. There was no kidnapping,” the woman insists.

The women accused of trying to snatch the child were driving a BMW E46. Picture: Supplied

She said while at the police station on Monday night, cops called the mother.

“I told them why I was there and they called the mother. I know she was upset (on Sunday) because of how she looked when she took the child out of the car and I told my daughter we need to leave.

“I never thought about it again until I saw her video. I spoke to her at the police station and explained I would never hurt a child.”

But Chantel said she is not convinced of their innocence.

“All they said was that they were too friendly. I told them I have 10 solid reasons why I feel they wanted to take my child,” she said.

“She said she has nine kids and she doesn’t look like a kidnapper. They asked my two-year-old daughter to get in the car and she told my nine-year-old to leave the baby in the car when she tried to get her out.

“I would never tell someone’s child to get in my car. I don’t know what their intention was, but I am leaving it to the police. They never apologised for what happened and don’t feel putting my daughter in their car was wrong. We as a family are still traumatised.”

Police did not respond to any queries.

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