Janine Fleurs reunites with her baby, Mimsy. Picture: Tracey Adams

Cape Town - It was a bittersweet moment when this 10-year-old Yorkie, dubbed Audrey Hepburn by staff at the Animal Welfare Society, was reunited with her owner four months after she went missing.

This week, the dog’s owner Janine Fleurs, 46, of Rocklands, Mitchells Plain, saw her beloved Mimsy’s photograph in the Plainsman and immediately called the AWS.

In May, Mimsy was brought to the animal hospital after a good Samaritan found the injured dog roaming the streets of Strandfontein.

Mimsy had five stones in her bladder and needed surgery to both of her hind legs and staff thought she would not survive.

Kennel manager, Christine Leonard, says Mimsy crept into their hearts and they named her after the famous Hollywood actress because of her petite size.

“When she came in here, she could hardly walk and when we did the X-rays, we saw there were five bladder stones and this happens with bad nutrition,” she says.

“We thought it was her colon at first because of the way she walked.

“We also had to do surgery to both of her knees on her hind legs. This happens with smaller dogs. We didn’t think she was going to survive.”

It was a bittersweet moment when 10-year-old Yorkie was reunited with her owner four months after she went missing.

On Wednesday, an article in the Plainsman featured Audrey’s story of survival and was seen by Janine who immediately contacted Jacque le Roux, senior AWS assistant.

Janine says four months ago she arrived home from work to find her beloved pet gone.

“I didn’t even have to read the Plainsman story to know it was my Mimsy,” she says.

“I have no children and this is my baby. When I called Animal Welfare, I told them to ask her to give paw and she will lay on her back and then they knew she was mine.”

When she saw her little dog, an overwhelmed Janine said: “Where were you, Mimsy. Daddy missed you, we missed you!”

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