Picture: Zintle Mahlati

Johannesburg - The ANC’s head of policy Jeff Radebe says the party will be looking at beefing up measures to ensure proper accountability for the implementation of the National Development Plan (NDP). 
Radebe was speaking at the ANC’s policy conference in Soweto on Saturday and outlined the progress the government has made in implementing the NDP, which should be completely implemented by 2030. 
He has presented the progress report to ANC delegates so they could keep the targets in mind as they head to various commissions to discuss and debate the party’s plans for the next five years. 
Radebe conceded that implementation of the NDP has been slow, but said there were a number of successes that have put in place so far in the mid term. 

He said that the ANC was looking into plans to ensure better accountability from the executive and government officials such as the creation of a law to ensure tighter measures. 
 “With accountability from government departments to ensure implementation of National Development Plan, we are also looking at the implementation of a law that will establish the national planning commission that will hold both executives and heads of departments accountable to  ensure the delivery of services to our people,” said Radebe. 

Radebe also placed the blame for slow progress on slow growth and global economic challenges. 
On successes, he outlined progress in education with the increase in funding for Nsfas Financial Aid Scheme, improved social development of children  and the billions of investments that have been brought by investors for renewable energy. 

ANC delegates will have to keep these details in mind while they discuss the party’s policies over the next three days. 
So far delegates have been discussing tactics, strategy and organisational renewal. 
The conference ends next week. 
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