SAFTU general secretary Zwelinzima Vavi File picture: Jacques Naude

President Jacob Zuma should be removed from office just like Nazi-era German chancellor Adolf Hitler, who posed a security threat to the world, South African Federation of Trade Unions (Saftu) general secretary Zwelinzima Vavi said.

Addressing thousands in a march organised by civil society and opposition parties in Parliament ahead of the debate on motion of no confidence , Vavi said the world was once confronted with a threat to peace, tranquility, rationality and everything good to humanity.

"The world did not hesitate to put aside their differences...The distance and manner of difference were forgotten to defeat Adolf Hitler," he said ahead of the motion in Zuma.

Vavi said South Africa was now faced with Zuma.

"He turned everything that unite as South African, he turns our country into a banana republic ... selling our  country in private for a cheap plate of curry he is enjoying in Saxonwold."

He said the solidarity to the march was for the sake of the future of country's children, unemployed, children trapped in drugs, and those who go to sleep without anything in their stomachs.

Vavi also said MPs should vote Zuma out without hesitation.

"Vote against him and say 'goodbye, thank you for nothing for destroying our country'".

Sipho Pityana of Save South Africa said the country was being taken on a road to destruction and also driven to the hell by one person.

"We count on each and every MP to do the right thing," Pityana said.

He said Zuma should just step down from office.

"We know you are on the other side and serve the interest of others."

Pityana also said Zuma had repeatedly been asked to step down by some in the ANC, but refused.

"This is the only chance ANC members have...Jacob Zuma must go," he said to applause.

UDM's Nqabayomzi Kwankwa said there was no nuclear bomb worse than Zuma.

He said Zuma's attendance of the ANC caucus earlier today was because he knew his time was out.

Nkwankwa said it had been made possible for ANC MPs to vote with their conscience through the secret ballot.

"The ball is in your court to do the right thing...We delivered to them a secret ballot. They need to realise South Africa is at crossroads. We need to see the direction the country must take," he added.

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