Voice-activated cars.

Now wait, before you crumple up and throw away this unpromising essay; with an annoyed shake of the head (if you haven't done so already) give me a few minutes to justify my response.

The world needs voice-activated cars; the types that operate solely on voice prompts and voice recognition. I guarantee that by the end of this piece, I will have convinced you why.

The facts are these: it takes about two minutes to start a car; fidgeting with the handful of keys, the ignition and clutch pedal and gears and...and...and. That's two minutes of your time on this earth, gone.


But, what can one actually do in two minutes? Well I'm quite glad you asked, as I have taken the time to compile a little list and it's more than just making noodles.

Two extra minutes in front of the mirror goes a long way in the improvement of physical appearance.

Two minutes gives extra time to floss out last night's rather tasty bean and garlic casserole from those hard to reach places between one's teeth.

One can even squeeze in some extra, much needed sleep after a particularly long night.

It gives one the opportunity to hug their child for just a little longer.

And an extra two minutes, can be just the right amount of time to have an actual chat with the homeless man one always gives their spare change to.

The list is much longer and other revolutionary points are raised, but due to the constraints of word limit, I shall swiftly return to my point, the significance of voice-activated cars. Humour me for a minute (or two) and picture just stepping into a car and saying: “Go.”

And BOOM! The car moves!

That takes about two seconds. Only two seconds! The world needs this. You need this. Ponder on this, we have surmised that the mass production of voice-activated cars would result in better looking people in general, better smelling breath, well rested and more cheerful people, a loving and healthy family life, and an increase in compassion for humankind. Upon particular evaluation, I'm sure you have realised that this is pretty much world peace in a nutshell. We can all agree that is one thing the world desperately needs right now.

In this fast paced world, where we constantly race against time, where a second is as precious as gold, we need and owe it to ourselves and to our future generations to spare two minutes to pause and breathe before re-engaging in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Look no further, voice-activated cars are the answer.

Good people of Independent Newspapers, before you question my very sanity, I am just joking (about everything). I honestly cannot, at this moment, think of a single thing the world really needs right now, except...better essay topics, maybe?

Joking. - Independent Newspapers Cadet School