There will be no Ferraris for R126m Powerball jackpot winner

The winner of the R126m Powerball jackpot has claimed their prize. Picture: Ithuba

The winner of the R126m Powerball jackpot has claimed their prize. Picture: Ithuba

Published Jun 1, 2022


Durban: The winner of the R126 million PowerBall jackpot has claimed their prize.

The national lottery operator, Ithuba, said the Florida, Johannesburg resident, claimed their prize from the May 20, 2022 draw.

“I believe the spirit of gratitude and giving, is what has landed me here at this point in my life,” the winner told Ithuba.

“I am yet to digest the news, I need time to re-evaluate the situation and apply my mind.

“When I found out that I had won, I was in complete disbelief, and I felt elated.

“Reality is only sinking in now that I am here at the Ithuba offices,” the woman told Ithuba.

The winner said that as an active sports person, it was a fellow running partner who had mentioned to her that someone had won the R126m PowerBall jackpot.

The winner said she had four tickets.

“The three tickets had no winnings, however the Powerball jackpot one, was checked on the internet.

“After playing, I kept my ticket in my purse, where I had three other tickets as well”, said the winner.

On plans for the future, the winner has opted for a very cautious approach in terms of spending their winnings.

“We plan to keep a very low profile, with our feet on the ground. My partner and I are very conservative people, we are not splashy big spenders, so there will be no Ferraris.

“Although we have been looking for property for quite some time, these winnings will now help us to fast track the process of finding it, as our current living situation right now, is not ideal.

“We look forward to having a home with a garden and sufficient space where we can entertain our guests,” added the winner.

“We will definitely travel the world as well, once the dust has settled, a portion of these winnings is will also go towards supporting an NGO of my choice”.

The latest winner will continue to play lottery.

“I normally play twice a week, and never spend more than R50 on tickets.”