Cape Town 22-07-2015:Bishop Levis Cops INTEL building fance has been stolen by Thugs in Bishop Levis,this is the place where the Police get their higly training to fight any kids of criminal activeties.Picture Mlondolozi Mbolo reporter Geniva Serra

Cape Town - Police sources say it is supposed to be one of the most secure buildings in Cape Town, but the SAPS crime intelligence office has no fence after thieves stole it.

Sources said the office located in Bishop Lavis, next to the police academy, has become a hot spot for theft and vandalism, and has been broken into five times this year.

The building houses crucial information in investigations into organised syndicates, gangs and drugs.

However, several laptops containing sensitive information was stolen.

And chunks of the steel fence has been ripped out by vandals.

A police officer who works at the crime intelligence office, and spoke on condition of anonymity, said that he no longer feels safe at work.

“They steal the wheels off the cars while they are standing in front,” said the police officer.

“There have been five break-ins this year alone and laptops were stolen. And that is inside the crime intelligence offices which is supposed to be just as secure as Parliament.

“The fence they have to replace each time but it keeps on being stolen.

“Compared to the headquarters in Johannesburg where you cannot enter the premises with a cellphone.

“Here you just hoot and the security, who are students, just let you inside.”

He said the premises of the National Crime Intelligence Unit in Pietermaritzburg was also targeted by brazen thieves last Thursday, who made off with a safe and several firearms.

The gang made off with a R5 rifle and five handguns as well as a safe, which is said to have contained important documents.

The officer said although no firearms are being kept at the Bishop Lavis unit, vital information is stored on laptop computers for investigations into organised syndicates, robberies, gangs and drugs.

The office is located next door to the SAPS’ Driving and Licencing Centre, whose fence was also stolen.

The fence has been replaced by concrete palisades.

A senior police officer working at the testing centre said they are too scared to park their private vehicles on the property.

“Maybe if the media publishes this, the national office will listen, we have been asking for security and a new fence for ages,” he said.

“We do not park our cars here, we park it at the training college.”

The national police spokesperson, Brigadier Vish Naidoo, said he could not comment on the matter as it was after hours.

The Daily Voice earlier made inquiries with police spokesman Captain FC van Wyk, as well as Brigadier Novela Potelwa, who said she was on holiday.

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