File picture: Skyler Reid
Johannesburg - Two police officers and a suspect were left injured following a shooting incident in Midrand, police said on Tuesday.

According to police, the incident unfolded at around 7.15 am while officers from Bramley were attending to a scene in the Sandton area.

Provincial police spokesperson Colonel Lungelo Dlamini explained that while at the scene, one police officer confronted four suspects.

"The suspects then kidnapped the officer and hijacked the police vehicle before fleeing the scene.

"Other officers were then alerted to the situation and chased after the suspects, following them all the way to Kyalami."

Upon getting to a mall in Kyalami, the suspects then abandoned the police vehicle and proceeded to hijack another vehicle.

Dlamini explained that at that point, police caught up with the men and a shootout ensued between the two.

"One suspect and police officer were shot and left wounded during the shootout," he said.

Meanwhile, police recovered the hijacked state vehicle, finding the kidnapped cop with a gunshot wound on his upper body.

All the injured were taken to hospital for further treatment, Dlamini said.

"We also recovered three firearms at the scene, with one of them belonging to the kidnapped officer," he said.

Dlamini confirmed that one suspect was arrested at the scene while two more managed to escaped. A case of kidnapping, armed robbery, attempted murder as well as possession of an unlicensed firearm.