Sibusiso Mpendulo Picture: Screengrab

Cape Town- A group of #FeesMustFall students has stormed into the University of Cape Town library and disrupted classes and study sessions. 

The university has closed its library as a result of the disruption. The mastermind behind the shutdown seems to be Sibusiso Mpendulo who was responsible for past shutdowns at the university.

Mpendulo apparently has a list of demands for the university management.

The university’s student representative council said they are still trying to determine the actual cause of the disruptions.

“We are aware of the incident and we are still trying to gather why they have disrupted the classes and the study sessions,” SRC secretary general Sinawo Thambo said.

The SRC is currently meeting to discuss a way forward following the incident.

"The University of Cape Town confirms that an attempt was made on Tuesday morning by a small group of students to disrupt services in the library. The university is also looking into disruptions by the same group to a small number of lectures," said the university in a statement.

"Members of the UCT executive as well as SRC members engaged the disrupters. They have now left the library area."

Earlier this month, students, along with contract workers, threatened to shut down the university. However, the planned strike was halted by an urgent interdict which the university secured to block the protest. 

Last week the university was able to reach consensus with the contract workers representatives after lengthy meetings were held.

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