WATCH: Zulu King, Mangosuthu Buthelezi speaks out on Prince Simakade’s court battle over the throne

Published Jan 13, 2023


Durban – A week after Prince Simakade and his backers upped the ante and publicly laid out their battle plan for the Zulu throne, King Misuzulu and his traditional prime minister, Inkosi Mangosuthu Buthelezi have shrugged off their challenge.

The King shrugged off the pending legal challenges by saying it will find him along the work carrying out his duties.

This is while Buthelezi taunted them, saying the Zulu nation would always be behind King Misuzulu and those challenging should just forget it.

This came out on Friday in Richards Bay in northern KwaZulu-Natal where the King Cetshwayo district municipality (formerly UThungulu) held a memorial lecture in honour of legendary Zulu King, Cetshwayo KaMpande.

King Cetshwayo KaMpande was the one who ordered the historic battle of Isandlwana where the Zulu army inflicted the first humiliating defeat of the British imperial army.

The memorial lecture is a precursor to the annual commemoration of the battle which will take place in Nquthu next weekend.

First to touch on the ongoing legal battle set for the Pretoria high court in May and June this year where Prince Simakade is challenging President Cyril Ramaphosa for recognising King Misuzulu, thus paving the way for his coronation in October last year in Durban.

Buthelezi said while the Zulu is happy to have a King on the throne, it has not been without pain.

“We have good reason to rejoice over the King’s presence. Indeed we have reason to rejoice that the King is on the throne.

“Yet our happiness is not complete, for the King’s ascension to the throne has not been without pain in the royal family.

“Even now there is a case in the High Court disputing the irrefutable fact of our King’s position.

“A wound opened in the royal family over the succession following the passing of His Majesty King Goodwill Zwelithini KaBhekuzulu.

“We long to see that wound fully healed.

“But we must remind ourselves that this is not uncommon in the history of our nation. Our very founder, King Shaka KaSenzangakhona died in an act of fratricide, and his brother, Prince Mhlangana, was killed to make way for King Dingane, with who he colluded,” Buthelezi said.

Despite all the challenges and a court case hanging over his head like “the sword of Damocles”, Buthelezi said the Zulu nation is behind the King and taunted those who are challenging him.

“We love you, Your Majesty. To those who are challenging you, we are saying to them, klibhi!" Buthelezi said.

Speaking on the legal challenges, King Misuzulu the court cases should not impede any of the nation's cultural ceremonies. "Izinkantolo zizo sifica phambili - court and cases will find us along the way doing our work," the King said.

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