Woman stabbed 52 times

Moos Kola husband of the murdered Let Hanekam

Moos Kola husband of the murdered Let Hanekam

Published Jan 20, 2012


A psycho killer who viciously mutilated a mom of three is on the loose – and cops fear he will murder again.

Let Hanekam, 41, was stabbed 52 times, her throat partially slit, her stomach cut open, her hair set alight and a bottleneck shoved up her vagina.

And it is suspected the woman was also raped by her killer.

The gruesome murder has left the quiet town of Sutherland reeling in fear.

Now community leaders believe a serial killer may be on the loose after a similar murder was committed three years ago.

Top cops have been sent to Sutherland to investigate the latest killing.

The community on Thursday met with Deputy National Police Commissioner, Major General Risimati Shuvuri, who flew from Kimberly to accept a memorandum.

A mass of community members – including Let’s family, her common-law husband Moos Kola, children Maryna Hanekam, 17, Marlene Hanekam, 11, and mother Griet Hanekam, 57, – marched in protest at the cops’ handling of the case.

They say police failed at the murder investigation and did not follow correct procedures at the scene.

The prime suspect is believed to be a man who was previously charged with another gruesome murder nearby, just over two years ago.

Farm worker Isak van Wyk was stabbed, his throat slit and set light on Gunsfontein farm in 2009.

But his alleged killer was set free by cops because they did not have enough evidence to keep him behind bars.

Station Commissioner Captain Zaggeus van Wyk says police will use DNA evidence to see if they can link this man to Let’s murder.

“He was arrested and taken into custody and appeared at court on a charge of murder,” Van Wyk tells the Daily Voice.

“The evidence we had was that the community said his cap was found near the scene, but that wasn’t concrete.

“We have taken blood from him for DNA to see if he can be linked.

“We are asking people to look for anyone with scratches.”

Van Wyk also admitted no semen was taken from the man.

It is understood traces of human flesh were found under Let’s fingernails from when she tried to fight off her attacker.

Community member Christo van Wyk – who was a State witness in the farmworker’s murder case – says both killings bare the same hallmarks.

“The murders are very similar and who knows if it is a serial killer,” he tells the Daily Voice.

Let’s common-law husband Moos, 47, who was left partially paralysed after he was stabbed in the leg in a separate incident, also says he is certain one man is responsible for both murders.

And he describes in horror how Let suddenly vanished from her home shortly before Christmas.

“She made supper and said she was going to visit her mother at the Scheme,” he tells the Daily Voice.

“Then the next day, a cousin of hers told me she is lying on the side of the road.

“When I went to the scene, I saw it was her and at the morgue (I saw) she was stabbed 16 times in the chest, her stomach split open, a bottleneck shoved up her vagina and her hair set alight.”

Moos says Let’s legs and backside were also stabbed and her panties found around her ankles.

Community leader Aluciaane Wentzel accused cops of botching the investigation.

“It is strange that in such a small town that the killer has not been found,” she says.

“We are living in fear because the killer is amongst us… we don’t know if we are dealing with a serial killer.”

General Shuvuri on Thursday night vowed to revisit the area and take action against the Commissioner – and said he would give the murder case his full attention.

“I will give this particular case attention,” Shuvuri vows.

“I appeal to the community to work with police to catch the killer.

“If they [police] do not respond, I will take the Station Commissioner to task.”

Injuries to her body

* Let's throat slit halfway.

* Stabbed 16 times in her chest and breast area.

* Stomach sliced open.

* Stabs wounds to her legs.

* Stab wounds to backside.

* Bottle neck shoved up her vagina.

* Hair set alight.

* Possibly raped.

* In total stabbed 52 times.

*This article was published in the Daily Voice

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