Woman suffocated with garlic during bizarre 'exorcism'

File picture: Pixabay

File picture: Pixabay

Published Mar 6, 2018


Hanoi - Vietnamese police have arrested a pop singer in Hanoi

after he killed a woman in an "exorcism," state media reported


Nguyen Viet Cuong, 40, a little known singer of Vietnamese pop music,

went to a friend's house for a party early Monday morning where he

and other guests consumed an unspecified narcotic, the Tuoi Tre

newspaper reported.

Suffering from hallucinations, Cuong became convinced that a

20-year-old woman, identified only as H by police, was possessed by

an "evil spirit" and began forcing garlic cloves down her throat to

exorcise the spirit.

Police later discovered 33 cloves in the woman's windpipe,

determining the cause of death as suffocation. Cuong remains in

detention pending an investigation.


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