A screen grab made from the site of an online vendor showing an Auschwitz themed product for sale. Picture: AP

WARSAW — Museum authorities at the Auschwitz-Birkenau former Nazi German death camp in Poland have protested to an online vendor that was selling miniskirts, pillows and other items bearing photos of the camp, where around 1.1 million people were killed during World War II.

On Twitter, the museum addressed the vending site, redbubble, to say that offering such products with images of Auschwitz is "rather disturbing and disrespectful".

Spokesman Lukasz Lipinski said the museum felt obliged to protest.

Australian-based redbubble, which allows artists to create designs for T-shirts and other fabric items and sell them directly to the public, responded that it was taking "immediate action to remove" the items, which it said were not in line with its guidelines.

Items offered by various makers included miniskirts, pillows and tote bags with bleak black-and-white post-war images of the camp and the railway tracks down which trains brought people to Birkenau and its gas chambers.

From 1940-45, around 1.1 million people, mostly Jews, but also Poles, Gypsies, Russian prisoners of war and others, were killed in the gas chambers or died of starvation, hard labour and disease at Auschwitz-Birkenau, which Nazi Germany operated in occupied Poland.

Last week, around 10 000 Jewish youths from around the world were joined by Holocaust survivors and politicians in the annual March of the Living from Auschwitz to Birkenau in memory of the 6 million Jews killed during the war.

A screen grab made of the Auschwitz Memorial website where they comment on the sale of Auschwitz related products on the site of an online vendor. Picture: AP