Indian movie superstars Kamal Haasan, centre in white, and Rajinikanth, centre in black, arrive at an event in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Picture: Sadiq Asyraf/AP

New Delhi - Tamil superstar Kamal Haasan on Wednesday announced he was joining politics and launched his political front before tens of thousands of cheering supporters.

Haasan, 63, who has starred in hundreds of films, is lovingly called Ulaga Nayagan or "hero of the world" by his fans.

He has said he will work towards becoming a chief minister of the Tamil Nadu state and fight corruption and communalism in the region. State elections are due in 2021.

"My party's name is Makkal Needhi Maiam [People's Justice Centre in Tamil]," Haasan said after unfurling the party flag at the gathering in Madurai, the state's political capital.

Haasan, who has spoken against Hindu right-wing politics in India, said his party would follow centrist, liberal politics, according to broadcaster NDTV that translated the actor-turned-politician's speech from Tamil.

Haasan enters politics two months after another top Tamil star Rajinikanth announced his political foray.

The entry of the two film stars onto the scene has livened up regional politics in Tamil Nadu, which has seen political uncertainty in the recent months.

Several film stars have dominated politics in India's southern states. This is particularly the case in Tamil Nadu where three film- stars have served as chief ministers.