File picture: Yves Yoseph/Pixabay
File picture: Yves Yoseph/Pixabay

British man spends six days trapped in well after being chased by dog in Bali

By Kamal Sultan Time of article published Jun 8, 2020

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Slumped in a pool of filthy water, this is how one British man spent six days in a well in Bali – after falling while being chased by a dog.

Jacob Roberts went undiscovered at the bottom of the concrete pit after he plunged 13 feet and broke his leg in the fall.

Locals said the 29-year-old must have been screaming for days before his cries were finally heard on Saturday.

He was reportedly discovered by a villager going to feed his cows. And fortunately so – as Mr Roberts was found with just a two-litre bottle of water on him, police said, which he had just about managed to ration over the six days.

When a rescue team arrived, Mr Roberts was strapped to a board and winched to safety. He was on Sunday night being treated in hospital in the town of Bualu where he is expected to make a full recovery.

Mr Roberts told authorities he had been trying to escape a dog which had chased him through the village of Petjatu, on the Indonesian island’s southernmost tip.

‘[Mr Roberts] looked thin and injured,’ said South Kuta police chief Yusak Agustinus Sooai. ‘The victim claimed to have been trapped there about six days.’

He added: ‘After arriving at the location, witnesses saw there was a foreign national at the bottom of the well with only a small amount of water left.’

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