A British tourist died after drinking 30 litres of cheap vodka with friends in Ayia Napa.

George Yuill, 20, passed away in his hotel room on Monday morning. On Tuesday a post-mortem examination found he had died of asphyxiation.

A police source said Yuill, who lived in south-east London, and five friends had binged on more than two dozen beers and ten three-litre bottles of vodka, which cost as little as 15 euros at the Cypriot resort.

The authorities said Yuill had lain down on the balcony of his apartment at around 7am. His friends brought him inside to sleep on the floor, but he never woke up.

Yuill, who is thought to be an apprentice electrician, suffocated on his own vomit almost a month to the day after Britain’s top diplomat in Cyprus, Matthew Kidd, visited Ayia Napa to encourage tourists to drink in moderation.

Friends and family paid tribute to the dead man on Facebook.

His sister Charlotte wrote: “If I could swap places with you right now I would. How do we carry on without you now, without your smile or you winding us up?” - Daily Mail