Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro, centre, Constituent National Assembly President Delcy Rodriguez, left, and first lady Cilia Flores, wave as they arrive at the National Assembly for a special session in Caracas. Picture: Ariana Cubillos/AP

Caracas - Nicolas Maduro was Thursday sworn in as Venezuela's president for the 2019-25 period after being re-elected with 68 percent of the vote.

Maduro was sworn in by the Constituent Assembly, an organ he is seen as having created to sideline the opposition-dominated National Assembly, where the ceremony should normally have taken place.

The National Assembly has said it does not recognize the result of Sunday's elections, which were denounced as undemocratic by the United States and the European Union.

Opposition candidate Henri Falcon said Wednesday that he will legally challenge Maduro's victory, which he regards as fraudulent.