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London - A Special Constable who raped a woman who was so drunk she thought he was someone else has been jailed for seven years.

Paul Rodgers – who considered himself a sex addict and a swinger – tried to make out the sex was consensual by editing mobile phone footage of the attack.

But in the unedited clip, which was played in court, the victim could be heard saying the other man’s name. She thought he was a man she wanted to be her boyfriend.

Rodgers, 29, who appears to be smiling in his police mugshot, denied raping and sexually assaulting the woman but he was found guilty of both charges following a trial.

At the time of the incident in June 2016 Rodgers was a volunteer Special Constable in Leicestershire but was dismissed in December that year for an unrelated matter, Leicester Crown Court heard. Luke Blackburn, prosecuting, said the woman was ‘extremely vulnerable’ on the night the attack took place at an address in Leicestershire. She had been out with her friends and was very drunk.

Mr Blackburn told the jury: ‘She was in no state to consent and even if she had been, she thought she was having sex with someone else. The defendant knew she thought she was having sex with someone else. He carried on because he wanted sex with her, irrespective of consent and to take a recording.’

Mr Blackburn added: ‘The recording shows he’s the sober one in control and she’s the absolutely drunk one.’

Rodgers sent an edited version of the film to another person. In the unedited version, the victim could be heard calling the defendant by another name during sex. Mr Blackburn said the victim was subjected to ‘degradation and humiliation’ knowing the footage was sent to someone else.

During the trial, Rodgers, who has young children and is engaged, had posted an image of a sex toy on social media, which the woman was ‘very upset’ about. It resulted in his bail being revoked.

He also asked for a copy of the original sex video he made before the verdicts were announced. Judge Ebraham Mooncey said: ‘You took advantage of the victim – she has little recollection of what happened. She was outraged.’ He also ordered that Rodgers, of Loughborough, sign on the sex offender register for life.