Couple found dead in India with five-day-old baby crying near decomposed bodies

Newborn baby feet.

When the police reached the spot, a foul smell was emanating from inside the house. The sound of a baby crying could also be heard. Picture: Pexels

Published Jun 14, 2023


Dehradun, India -A couple was found dead inside their house in Dehradun, while their five-day-old baby was found alive and crying near the bodies.

The decomposed bodies of the husband and wife were found inside their house in Clement Town police station area of Dehradun.

According to reports, the bodies had been lying unattended for nearly three days.

The front door of the house was locked, and the back door was locked from inside. In such a situation, the police are prima facie considering it a suicide case.

According to the police, the bodies have been identified as that of Kashif, 22, and his wife Anam, 22, - both residents of Saharanpur district in Uttar Pradesh. Kashif used to operate a JCB machine. He had married Anam (second wife) a year ago. Kashif had been living on rent in the upper part of the house for four months.

Kashif's first wife, Nusrat, had been calling him for several days, but his phone got switched off on Monday. After this, she called Kashif's partner and her brother-in-law and informed them about it. Thereafter, they reached the police station and took the police to the house.

When the police reached the spot, a foul smell was emanating from inside the house. The sound of a baby crying could also be heard. The front and back doors were locked. When the police entered by breaking the lattice of the door, they saw the blood-soaked bodies of Kashif and Anam lying on the floor. A newborn was lying on the spot.

The newborn was immediately taken to Doon Hospital. Station Officer, Clement Town, Shishupal Singh Rana, said, "Both of them were bleeding from the nose. When their bodies were checked, there were no injury marks. The furnishings in the room were also as they were kept. In such a situation, it seems like a case of suicide. The forensic team has been called. The bodies have been sent for postmortem."

According to the police, Anam delivered the baby last Friday at a private hospital. They (the couple) did not have much contact with the people around them. In such a situation, no one could know what happened inside the house.

Kashif's first marriage took place six years ago. He also has a five-year-old son from this marriage, but a year ago he fell in love with Anam, a resident of his own village. The families of both did not agree to this. A panchayat was also held many times on this. Finally, they got married in the presence of both families. Anam's family members disowned her after the marriage.

Following the deaths of the couple, Kashif's family reached the spot, but Anam's family did not come.

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