Tourists make shapes in the sand with empty bottles at a beach bar in Palma de Majorca, Spain, where a great number of foreigners spend their summer holidays. The area is notorious for its booze-fuelled parties. File picture: Jaime Reina

Madrid -

A police inquiry was launched on Thursday night after a girl was filmed performing sex acts on 23 men in Majorca in a bid to win a cheap bottle of cava (a Spanish sparkling wine).

Internet footage appears to show her working her way through holidaymakers at a nightclub in the island’s notorious party capital of Magaluf.

Local authorities and women’s rights groups in Spain were furious after the video of the girl went viral online.

Locals suggested the girl was British, as are the vast majority of tourists in a resort which has a reputation for excess.

In the two-and-a-half-minute film, published on local newspaper websites, the blonde girl - wearing pink hot pants and a white vest - is seen moving from man to man.

Crowds scream as a DJ apparently counts the number of men she notches up while playing the song Sexy And I Know It.

Several holidaymakers can be seen taking photos on their mobile phones. The bar has not been named but local media said the owners are also linked to a table-dancing club in the area. The video has been described as a new low in Magaluf, where pub crawls were regulated for the first time this year following complaints.

Mayor Manu Onieva voiced his “absolute indignation” and said police were investigating the practice that local press have dubbed “mamading” - a play on the crude Spanish word “mamada” for a sex act.

In the video, men can be seen wearing T-shirts from Carnage Magaluf, a company which takes young Britons on pub crawls. Benefits Street star White Dee was a guest of the firm in May and was photographed at a party wearing the company’s T-shirt.

The 42-year-old mother of two, real name Deirdre Kelly, claims £10 000 a year in benefits but flew to the resort despite being “too depressed” to work.

She returned to the resort last month and had been due to go on another pub crawl organised by Carnage Magaluf - not linked to Carnage UK, a separate event organiser. Dozens of posts about the incident appeared on the firm’s Twitter feed, with some claiming it happens “everywhere every day”. Reports said other tourists were being offered free drinks in similar sex competitions.

Spain’s Women’s Institute called it “degenerate, discriminatory and unfair” towards women.

The More for Majorca opposition party demanded the activity to be penalised, saying it was “an absolutely irresponsible and unhealthy way of enjoying leisure time”.

Politician David Abril asked: “Where is the responsible tourism we all want?”