US Secretary of State John Kerry. File picture: Charles Dharapak

 Tel Aviv - Israel's settlers in the West Bank are campaigning against US Secretary of State John Kerry's bid to broker a framework for a peace deal with the Palestinians.

“We want to present John Kerry as a man who acts against the positions of current and former Israeli leaders,” Yigal Dilmoni, deputy of the council representing the settlers, told dpa on Tuesday.

“We very much appreciate his good will to help, but it hurts Israel.” Kerry is trying to get the two sides to agree on a framework for a peace deal by April 30.

It has been reported that he is seeking to include a reference to an Israeli withdrawal from the West Bank based on the lines of before the 1967 Six-Day War, when Israel captured the territory from Jordan.

The campaign under the slogan “Safeguarding the country. Do not surrender to Kerry” includes posters quoting former Israeli prime ministers, billboards, newspaper articles and demonstrations. The US diplomat has reportedly also suggested an alternative to Israel's demand for a continued military presence along the West Bank-Jordan border for security reasons.