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A jealous husband stabbed his wife to death as their five-year-old son screamed at him to stop, a court heard on Monday.

The boy pleaded with Andrew Parsons to call an ambulance for his mother Janee, who had been punched to the ground before being knifed 17 times, it was alleged.

Beautician Mrs Parsons, 31, had told her husband she planned to spend the weekend with her new boyfriend. What happened next was captured on a voice recorder Parsons, 38, had hidden under her bed to eavesdrop on her affair, Oxford Crown Court was told.

“While Janee is stabbed you can hear her as she pleads for her life and the five-year-old screams for his daddy to stop,” said prosecutor Miranda Moore. “She begs for an ambulance, as does her son, but the defendant refuses. [The boy] asked if Janee was all right, the defendant said she was fine - while Janee was struggling for her life.”

Miss Moore said Mrs Parsons had pleaded with her husband saying: “Your son is watching me die.”

The boy yelled “Dad, dad, dad” and told his father, “Call the hospital, I don’t like it.”

Mrs Parsons tried to comfort her son, telling him “It’s all right” before asking her husband to take him away and call an ambulance.

But Parsons responded: “You ****ing deserved it.”

The couple’s other son, aged eight, had earlier been picked up from the house in Bicester, Oxfordshire, for a day out with his grandparents.

Mrs Parsons, a US citizen, had been getting ready to spend the weekend with her boyfriend, Daniel Hansens, when she was killed on the morning of December 1.

Weeks earlier she had told her husband that she was leaving him for Hansens, whom she met in a bar.

The couple, who had been married eight years, agreed to stay together - in separate rooms - until after Christmas for the sake of their sons, the court heard.

But Parsons, a heating engineer, pestered his wife as she tried to get ready. On the voice recording, Mrs Parsons could be heard saying that she did not want to talk to him before screaming, Miss Moore said.

She could be heard saying; “Please don’t kill me Andy... why, please.” Parsons stopped hitting her and, as she lay on the landing, went downstairs to fetch a kitchen knife, yelling, “You lying cow, you’re dead”. He came back upstairs and started stabbing his wife, Miss Moore said.

He then bundled her into the bath before changing out of his bloodied pyjamas and taking his son to a friend’s house, it was alleged.

When he returned 10 minutes later, he called 999, telling an operator to “get police round quickly, please” before hanging up, the court heard.

Officers found Parsons lying at the top of the stairs, his head in his hands, saying, “My wife, my wife”.

Friends described Mrs Parsons as an “over-achiever”, who had confided that she thought her husband was lazy. She had become unhappy in her marriage and within weeks of meeting Mr Hansens, a father of three originally from Belgium, made the decision to leave.

She confessed to her husband about her new relationship and, in the weeks before her death, had jokingly texted her lover saying: “He’ll probably kill me”.

Parsons gave the impression that he was not interested but put the recorder in her room to snoop on her private conversations, Miss Moore said. The device was discovered by a relative who went to retrieve her belongings.

Mr Hansens, who is divorced, told the court he and Mrs Parsons had planned to move in together after Christmas and were hoping to start a business together.

He said had been “quite worried” for her, but she was confident she could handle Parsons, describing him as “weak” and “docile”.

Parsons denies murder. The trial continues. - Daily Mail