A Thai soldier stands guard at Government House in Bangkok. Picture: Sakchai Lalit

Bangkok -

Thai police are warning online critics of the military junta that they will “come get you” for posting political views on social media that could incite divisiveness in the polarised country.

Police cited Thursday's capture of Sombat Boonngam-anong, an organiser of anti-coup protests, as a lesson to everyone using social media.

Police Major General Pisit Paoin said on Friday that police tracked Sombat's IP address to learn where he was after he made several Facebook postings calling for protests against the May 22 coup.

Pisit told The Associated Press: “I want to tell any offenders on social media that police will come get you.”

The junta has warned that it is closely monitoring online activities and plans to expand its surveillance capabilities. - Sapa-AP