President of China Media Group, Shen Haixiong, delivered his New Year message to overseas audiences via China Radio International and online.
President of China Media Group, Shen Haixiong, delivered his New Year message to overseas audiences via China Radio International and online.

New Year message from Shen Haixiong, President of China Media Group

By Shen Haixiong Time of article published Jan 3, 2020

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On January 1, 2020, President of China Media Group, Shen Haixiong, delivered this New Year message to overseas audiences via China Radio International and online.

Dear friends, 2020 is an auspicious and happy number. This is  because its Chinese pronunciation has the same ring as “Ai Ni Ai  Ni,” meaning “love you love you.” 

On this New Year’s Day, I would  like to extend to you my best wishes from Beijing on behalf of  China Media Group.

The history of humanity is a record of one significant moment  after another. 2019 had many such moments, which have become  our indelible memories.

On October 1st, we celebrated the 70th anniversary of the  founding of the People’s Republic of China. Together, we  enjoyed audio-visual feasts that charted the extraordinary  journey of the People’s Republic over the past 70 years,  through works produced by China Media Group such as  the multilingual documentary “Historic Journey”, and the  4K ultra-high definition film, “When China Wows the World:  The 2019 Grand Military Parade”, made from our live broadcasts.

I have also received many sincere wishes sent by you, our  friends around the world. I remember getting an email from  Italian China expert, Francesco Maringio, in which he said,  “I would like to applaud the brilliant achievements made in  the 70 years since the founding of the People’s Republic  of China. I think the Chinese people have every reason to be  proud.”

Over the past year, we have tried hard to capture each of China’s  marvelous moments as it made its way forward. We’ve strived to  present a true, multi-dimensional, and panoramic view of China  in this new era.

Using the latest broadcasting technology, such as 5G networks,  4K and 8K video, and artificial intelligence, we brought you  coverage of major events such as the second Belt and Road Forum  for International Cooperation, the Conference on Dialogue of  Asian Civilizations, and the celebration of the 20th anniversary
of Macao’s return to China.

Our multilingual video series, including “Classics Quoted by  Xi” and “Every Treasure Tells a Story”, opened one window  after another for you to gain an in-depth understanding of  China’s modern-day values and ideas as well as its long history  and rich culture. 

We also hosted innovative interactive events  to mark the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s  Republic and 70 years of diplomatic ties between China and  Russia, and we introduced you to our new live-streaming stars.

By reaching out to our audience in this way, we have gained even  more overseas friends who are interested in China.

Although China Media Group was established only two years ago,  we are fully aware that in the Internet age, it’s not enough to just  make progress. If you don’t move quickly, you’ll soon fall behind.

Bearing in mind President Xi Jinping’s mandate to innovate and  to make good use of the opportunities provided by new media, we  are speeding up our efforts to become a new kind of world-class  mainstream media organization, one that is driven by innovation.

In 2019, we opened China’s only national key laboratory for ultra- high definition video and audio. We launched a user-friendly  5G audio-visual new media platform called “Yangshipin”. And  we began to air more than 200 new high-quality programs, as  we strived to provide you with bright, exciting, and inspiring

We have always adhered to the principle of reporting  on major events in a comprehensive, objective, and impartial  way. We conduct exchanges with our counterparts at home and  abroad on the basis of equality and with an open-minded and  cooperative attitude.

Over the past year, I have talked with executives from over 150  international media organizations, including the Associated Press,  Reuters, Agence France Presse, and the British Broadcasting  Corporation. We have found more and more common ground,  and expanded our circle of friends.

That said, I regret to see that some sections of the Western media  have seemed to suffer from “selective blindness” when covering  some events related to China. Some have even published hearsay  and rumors as news, resulting in distortions and inaccuracies.  Some of these stories are as fanciful as novels.

We all believe that facts are the lifeblood of journalism, and  that relying on imagination to produce news does serious harm  to the media’s credibility with the public. Every executive of the  news industry should be vigilant in adhering to the ethics of our  profession.

As the 18th century British essayist William Hazlitt once  said, “Prejudice is the child of ignorance.” Pursuing truth and  eliminating prejudice is commendable work. 

China Media Group  will continue to take an objective and impartial stand to report  the truth to the international community, and to be a voice of  justice in the world.

More than 1,200 years ago, the Tang Dynasty poet,  Zhang Jiuling, wrote, “Distance cannot separate true friends who  feel close even though they are thousands of leagues apart.”

We’re lucky to be able to meet and to know each other on  this planet. 

When I visited Brazil and Argentina, I was  delighted to see that the jacaranda and bougainvillea  they have there are the same as the ones I saw when  I worked in Guangdong Province, and our catbirds have the  same call. In Italy and Spain, I tried rice wine and ham that  taste similar to what you can find in my hometown in Zhejiang  Province. In these moments, the idea of the “global village”  feels so concrete and real. There’s no reason why the residents of  our global village shouldn’t communicate and mingle.

I’ve always believed that exchanges between members of the media  can remove misunderstandings and prejudice, and turn more people  into friends.

2020 marks the end of the decisive phase of the work to build  China into a moderately prosperous society in all respects.  It’s also the year when our country, with its population of 1.4  billion, will eliminate absolute poverty, an achievement that will  be unprecedented in human history.

By upholding a professional standard defined by constant  improvement and the pursuit of perfection, China Media Group  will continue to record the significant moments of our time, as  it brings you the stories that matter from China and the rest  of the world, and provides more positive energy for building a  community with a shared future for humanity.

May there be love everywhere in the world in 2020!  I give my best wishes to China, to the world, and to all of you!

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