British Prime Minister David Cameron. Picture: Stefan Wermuth

London -

A nanny to David Cameron’s children has called the police after finding naked photos of her posted on the internet.

The images reportedly capture the trusted member of the prime ministerial household in “overtly sexual poses” - and because they could have exposed her to blackmail they amounted to a potential No 10 security threat.

She has told a friend the pictures were taken some time ago, and suspects an ex-boyfriend is behind their publication online.

The Prime Minister’s wife Samantha, 43, knows the woman well, after entrusting her with caring for their children Nancy, ten, Elwen, eight, and Florence, three, on occasions such as their private holiday to Ibiza in 2011.

The woman - whose real name is not used alongside the images - also cared for the Camerons’ late disabled son Ivan, who died five years ago.

Downing Street would not comment officially but a No 10 source told the Mail last night: “They have been very happy with her.”

Another source close to the Prime Minister said: “Mr Cameron thinks she’s been an excellent carer for their children.” A source close to the woman, meanwhile, told the Sun on Sunday that the nanny was outraged at the use of such intimate photographs without her consent.

The source said: “It is worrying that someone would go to such lengths. She called police and has spoken to Downing Street to alert them. She’s horrified these profiles have come to light and is mystified at how they got there.

“She realises that the worst scenario could have been if someone had used the stuff posted on there to try to blackmail her.”

Whitehall officials are said to have spoken to the woman, and the police have confirmed they have received a complaint. - Daily Mail