A man uses his mobile phone to record waves crashing on the shore as typhoon Lekima approaches the Shitang Township of Wenling City in eastern China's Zhejiang Province. Typhoon Lekima stuck the coast south of Shanghai, knocking down houses and trees. Picture: Han Chuanhao/Xinhua via AP

Beijing  - Typhoon Lekima, bringing with it heavy rain, large waves and strong winds, made landfall on China's south-eastern coast early Saturday.

The storm, which prompted China's weather bureau to issue a red alert - its highest warning, was pounding the city of Wenling in Zhejiang province, the state-run China Daily newspaper reported.

More than 700 000 people were evacuated ahead of the arrival of the storm, which is expected to bring heavy rain to the cities of Hangzhou and Shanghai.

In Shanghai many tourist attractions, museums and parks were closed, state news agency Xinhua reported. Many high-speed rail services and over 100 flights were cancelled.

A woman sells umbrella at a subway entrance as Typhoon Lekima approaches in Shanghai. Picture: Erika Kinetz/AP
Visitors leave from the bund as Typhoon Lekima approaches in Shanghai. Picture: Erika Kinetz/AP
A worker removes an electric fan from a temporary dormitory that collapse as Typhoon Lekima sweeps through Wenling in eastern China's Zhejiang province. Picture: Chinatopix Via AP

Typhoon Lekima has already battered southern Japan and Taiwan, where one person was killed on Friday.