Poland's national security council to meet after missile strike

Published Nov 16, 2022


Warsaw - Poland's national security council (BBN) said on Wednesday it will meet again at 1100 GMT amid concerns the Ukraine conflict could spill into neighbouring countries after Tuesday's missile strike that killed two people.

"The BBN is currently analysing the arrangements made so far with commanders, service chiefs and allies," BBN head Jacek Siewiera said in a post on Twitter.

The Polish security council first met on Tuesday night following news of the strike.

Deputy Foreign Minister Pawel Jablonski said his country remained safe, thanks to its Nato membership but warned that more incidents were possible.

"The reaction of our allies, their unequivocal support and willingness to stand by us, shows that we are a much safer country than if we were not in Nato," Jablonski told private radio station RMF FM on Wednesday morning.

"As a country bordering Ukraine, we may be exposed to various types of incidents, including accidental ones," he added.

Poland's president early on Wednesday said the country had no concrete evidence showing who fired the missile, which struck a Polish grain facility in the village of Przewodow some 6 km from the Ukrainian border.

Przewodow is less than 10 km from the power line linking Zamosc in Poland with Dobrotwor in Ukraine. Ukraine was exporting electricity to Poland via the cable until October 11 when flows stopped amid heavy Russian shelling.

US President Joe Biden said the missile was probably not fired from Russia.

According to US officials, initial findings suggested that the missile that hit Poland was fired by Ukrainian forces at all incoming Russian missiles, the Associated Press said.