Tirana - An Albanian town had to call in police and hunters after a pack of 200 stray mountain dogs attacked at least nine people.

Headed by a clearly identifiable leader, the snarling pack overran the main street of the small northern town of Mamurras, its mayor said on Wednesday.

"Even in the movies I have never seen a horde of 200 stray dogs from the mountains attacking people in the middle of a town," Anton Frroku said on Wednesday.

He said the dogs bit at least nine people, aged from 20 to 60, dragging them to the ground and inflicting serious wounds.

"I was going to a cafe when the pack of dogs attacked and bit me. They kept biting and I fell to the ground," 32-year-old Agim Laku told News24 television.

People threw stones to break up the pack. Police and hunters killed 20 dogs, including the leader.