A screengrab from the video
A screengrab from the video

WATCH: 'Flying dog' trick doesn't end well for Delhi YouTuber

By Se-Anne Rall Time of article published May 27, 2021

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DURBAN - Delhi-based YouTuber, Gaurav Sharma, was arrested after he tied balloons around his Pomeranian and tried to make it fly.

Police in Delhi arrested Sharma after receiving a complaint from People for Animals.

In the video, that he has since taken down, Sharma is seen tying a bunch of helium-filled balloons to his pet dog, Dollar.

He is seen standing on a car, while Dollar is hoisted up by the balloons. A woman looks on in the background.

Hindustan Times reported Sharma has been charged with animal cruelty.

“Please don't take it wrong. When we will fly Dollar, we will take all safety precautions,” Sharma says at the start of the video.

He is then seen speaking to a shopkeeper, asking how many balloons will be needed.

The video drew flack from some of Sharma's 4.15 million subscribers and he took it down.

Sharma has issued an apology, urging people not to copy the video. He added that Dollar was like a child to him.

He said that the video did not show all the safety precautions he had taken so as to ensure Dollar's safety.

“I am also a pet lover. I got influenced by seeing some video from the outside. I apologise for that and I will appeal to all those watching to not get influenced by my video,” Sharma said.


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