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Time and time again, the importance of reading is emphasised. Increase in vocabulary and learning new things are only a few of the many benefits of reading. But of course, we might not be able to convince you to pick up a book... But he can.

Meet Master Caleb Stewart. This four-year-old boy won hearts all over the world when he gave a talk about the importance of reading at a Texas middle school teachers' night.

"I am here to talk about the importance and benefits of reading. I personally read every day. Reading every day has made me smarter," little Caleb said confidently.

"Reading has also strengthened my vocabulary and language skills, allowing me to learn new and big words."

Motivating people at school meetings is not the only mission young Caleb is on.

Caleb and his sister, Olivia (or Queen Olivia, as she known as) are 'Brilliant Little Leaders'. They have their own Facebook page, where their adventures are recorded. Their aim?  "We will inspire other kids to find the love for reading, to dream big and believe In themselves, spreading the spirit of kindness."

Many on social media gushed about Caleb, expressing delight at the motivational video.